Arc One: Burnt Offerings

For five years, the faithful of Sandpoint have attended church in temporary structures erected after fire destroyed the previous temple, and while their new religious leader was helpful, kind, and wise, church wasn't the same. Now, the new cathedral is finally done. All that remains is for the Swallowtail Festival to renew the site's blessings from the gods and it will be as if the Sandpoint fire had never occurred.

During the festivities, Sandpoint was suddenly under attack by a horde of chaos spreading goblins but were soon routed thanks to the efforts of the local guard and a few brave residents. After being named the "Heroes of Sandpoint", Krushk Blacktail of the Blacktail Lizardmen tribe, Lucius Costin of the Sczarni, and local residents Valen Hosk and Epherym Herenstadt were receiving varying degrees of fame and privilege leading up to the town's sheriff leaving them in charge of Sandpoint's safety while he and several of the guard head to Magnimar to seek further aid in protecting the town's borders against a growing goblin threat. 

During their careful watch of the town, the Heroes learned of Rusty Dragon owner Ameiko Kaijitsu going missing after meeting with her half-brother, Tsuto at the Glassworks. Upon arriving, they discovered Lonjiku Kaijitsu and his workers murdered by Tsuto and his goblins. After stopping them, the Heroes discovered a disconcerting plot to burn Sandpoint to the ground as well as dark and twisting catacombs lying beneath the Glassworks. Despite the dangerous denizens lurking deep below, the Heroes managed to overcome them and now set their sights on the goblin stronghold of Thistletop.

The Raid of Thistletop lasted for nearly a day with the Heroes forced to retreat after several near death experiences at the hands of goblins, monsters, the aasmiar, Nualia, and her cohorts. The fortress of goblins was dangerous on its own, but it was the dungeons below that truly tested the Heroes courage and fortitude.  

Rise of the Runelords

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